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Learning Processes with a Deadly Outcome

Written By:Alexander Kluge - 1973

  • Learning Processes with a Deadly Outcome  - Alexander Kluge cover


reportage to describe a future in which earth has been almost totally destroyed following the catastrophic black war. the planetís remaining inhabitants have been driven underground or into space where the struggle to establish a new society rages on.

whether describing the scene in china where the devastated landscape is reconstructed according to old paintings, or in the galactic realm of the starway where giant, turf-battling, corporate colonizing forces exploit the universeís resources, kluge tells his tale by inventing various forms of ďevidenceĒ that satirize the discourses of administrative bureaucracy, the law, military security, and the media. he gives us some of his most bizarre and hilarious characters in this peculiar world in which the remains of the past are mixed with the most advanced elements of the future. the cast includes highly specialized women workers who have adapted to the massive gravitational field of their heavy-metal planets, a commander with lethal foot-fungus, and ex-nazi space pioneers who, in their lonely exile from the conflagrations on earth, spend their time carving enormous facsimiles of operatic sheet music in the forests of uninhabited planets.