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Left Behind


Written By:Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye - 2001

  • Desecration - Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye cover


Rayford Steele and his ragtag team of flying rebels—having arrived by the dozens from around the globe—ready themselves to serve as agents of rescue for God's chosen people. Led by soft-spoken Chaim Rosenzweig, believers in Jerusalem must flee or take the mark of the beast.

His Excellency Global Community Potentate Nicolae Carpathia, no longer pretending to be a pacifist, has ordered every Morale Monitor armed as he prepares to travel along the Via Dolorosa and then onward to the temple, where shocking surprises await. Crowds loyal to Carpathia gather to see their potentate and are eager to take the mark in his presence.

Buck Williams, unsure of Chaim's leadership abilities, questions whether he should take charge. Chloe Steele Williams fears for Buck's safety and acts on her own desire to be more involved. Tsion Ben-Judah prepares for his trip to meet with fellow believers in Petra. Meanwhile, Rayford struggles with the idea of using arms to protect believers from the GC.

The lines are drawn between good and evil as God inflicts the first Bowl Judgement upon the flesh of those who have taken the mark, while his chosen ones flee to the wilderness, on the brink of Armageddon.


Desecration is the ninth book in the continuing drama of those left behind at the Rapture. The first eight comprise the fastest-selling fiction series ever. Books seven and eight, The Indwelling and The Mark, debuted at number one on the New York Times best-seller list as well as those of USA Today and Publishers Weekly. Books five and six, Apollyon and Assassins, reached number two on the best-seller lists of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, and many others.

What People Are Saying about the Left Behind Series

"This is the most successful Christian-fiction series ever." —Publishers Weekly

"Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins... are doing for Christian fiction what John Grisham did for courtroom thrillers." —TIME

"The authors' style continues to be thoroughly captivating and keeps the reader gluded to the book, wondering what will happen next. And it leaves the reader hungry for more." —Christian Retailing

"Combines Tom Clancy-like suspense with touches of romance, high-tech flash and Biblical references." —The New York Times

"It's not your mama's Christian fiction anymore." —The Dallas Morning News

"Wildly popular—and highly controversial." —USA Today

"Bible teacher LaHaye and master storyteller Jenkins have created a believable story of what could happen after the Rapture. They present the gospel clearly without being preachy, the characters have depth, and the plot keeps the reader turning pages." —Moody Magazine

"Christian thriller. Prophecy-based fiction. Juiced-up morality tale. Call it what you like, the Left Behind series... now has a label its creators could never have predicted: blockbuster success." —Entertainment Weekly




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