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Left Behind

Glorious Appearing

Written By:Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye - 2004

  • Glorious Appearing - Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye cover


Antichrist has assembled the armies of the world in the Valley of Megiddo for what he believes will be his ultimate triumph of the ages. With a victory here he would ascend to the throne of God.

The Tribulation Force has migrated to the Middle East, most ensconced at Petra with the Jewish Remnant, now more than a million strong. But only one of the four original members of the Force remains alive, and he is near death.

Jerusalem is falling to the Global Community's Unity Army, and Tsion Ben-Judah has been slain. Few in Petra know of his loss, and both Rayford Steele and Buck Williams are unaccounted for.

It's been just over seven years since the Rapture and almost exactly seven years since Antichrist's covenant with Israel. Believers look to the heavens for the Glorious Appearing of Chirst, as the world stands on the brink of the end of time.


Glorious Appearing is the twelfth book in the continuing drama of those left behind at the Rapture. The first eleven, with sales of more than 40,000,000 copies, comprise the fastest selling adult fiction series ever. The previous five titles debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list as well as those of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly

Desecration, book nine, was the best-selling novel in the world in 2001.

"The Left Behind series... is among the best-selling fiction books of our times—right up there with Tome Clancy and Stephen King." —Time

"Christain thriller. Prophecy-based fiction. Juiced-up morality tale. Call it what you like, the Left Behind series—seven books thus far—now has a label its creators could never have predicted: blockbuster success." —Entertainment Weekly




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