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Left Behind: The Kids


Written By:Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye - 2005

  • Protected - Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye cover


In the line of deadly fire

A frightening face shows up on the security cameras at the Wisconsin hideout. Vicki puts herself and the others at risk by reaching out to someone on the outside. Will it be the end of the Young Trib Force in Wisconsin?

At the same time, Judd and Lionel are determined to make it back to their friends in the States but end up getting in the greatest danger they're seen yet. Will they make it back to Wisconsin before they are found out?

Sam Goldberg watches are deadly bombs hurtle toward Petra. He wonders if Tsion Ben-Judah's perdictions about the safety of Petra are correct. Will they all be rescued? Or will this be the end for millions of believers?

Join the Young Trib Force as they struggle to survive through the chaos of the last days of this world.




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