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Left Behind: The Kids


Written By:Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye - 2003

  • Pursued - Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye cover


The Noose Is Tightening

Millions have disappeared from the earth, and four friends are among those who know the truth. In Pursued, the Young Trib Force faces a new challenge; the cost of taking their newfound faith in God to their school classrooms. School authorities have outlawed carrying Bibles or even talking about God. So Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan unleash the power of the printed page—and the anger of school officials—by publishing an underground newspaper that will put the truth in the hands of every student.

With Old Testament prophecies coming true before their eyes, the Young Trib Force struggles to spread the truth. But the noose is tightening. Pursued by authorities from Nicolae High, and helped by an insider at the school, Vicki and Judd attempt escape. But a friend's betrayal leads to Vicki's capture and conviction.

While Vicki fights for her life in a detention center, Judd faces a decision that will affect the rest of his life and the future of the Young Trib Force.

Follow Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan as close call after close call leads to the loss of one member.




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