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Left Behind

Rising: Antichrist is Born

Written By:Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye - 2005

  • Rising: Antichrist is Born - Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye cover


Marilena Carpathia has only one dream: to be a mother. So when a mysterious clairvoyant promises the fulfilment of this dream, Marilena does not hesitate. Through genetic engineering and the power of the prince of darkness himself, Marilena is about to become a chosen vessel, one who will unknowingly give birth to the greatest evil the world has ever known.

Halfway around the world, God's plans are subtly being carried out too. Young Ray Steele is determined to avoid one day taking over the family business. Instead, Ray sets his heart on becoming a pilot...

Soon Carpathia's and Steele's live will intersect. And good and evil will clash in an explosion that will shake the world.

The eternal battle for souls has come to earth. The world hurtles toward the countdown to the Rapture.


The Rising is the first book in the Countdown to the Rapture. The first twelve books in the Left Behind series, with sales of more than 40,000,000 copies, comprise the fastest-selling adult fiction series ever. The previous six titles debuted at number one on the New York Times best-seller list as well as those of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly.

What People Are Saying about the Left Behind Series

"This is the most successful Christian-fiction series ever." —Publishers Weekly

"Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins... are doing for Christian fiction what John Grisham did for courtroom thrillers." —TIME

"The authors' style continues to be thoroughly captivating and keeps the reader gluded to the book, wondering what will happen next. And it leaves the reader hungry for more." —Christian Retailing

"Combines Tom Clancy-like suspense with touches of romance, high-tech flash and Biblical references." —The New York Times

"The most successful literary partnership of all time." —Newsweek

"Wildly popular—and highly controversial." —USA Today

"Christian thriller. Prophecy-based fiction. Juiced-up morality tale. Call it what you like, the Left Behind series... now has a label its creators could never have predicted: blockbuster success." —Entertainment Weekly

"They can be fun and engaging, with fast-paced plotting, global drama, regular cliffhanger endings, and what had to be the quintessential villian: Satan himself." —

"Not just any fiction. Jenkins... employed the techniques of suspense and thriller novels to turn the end of the world into an exciting, stay-up-late-into-the-night, page-turning story" —Chicago Tribune




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