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Left Behind

Soul Harvest

Written By:Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye - 1999

  • Soul Harvest - Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye cover


The World Takes Sides

Soul Harvest takes you from Iraq to America, from six miles in the air to underground shelters, from desert sand to the bottom of the Tigris River, from hope to devastation and back again—all in a search for truth and life.

Rayford Steele and Buck Williams fear they are alone. Each has survived the wrath of the Lamb, a global earthquake in the twenty-first month of the Tribulation. Neither knows the other is alive, and each is frantically searching for his wife. Their mentor, Tsion Ben-Judah, is trapped beneath the rubble of their church. And no one knows what has happened to their old friend Hattie Durham.

As the world hurtles toward the Trumpet Judgments and the great soul harvest prophesied in Scripture, Rayford and Buck begin searching for their loved ones from different corners of the world.

Can Tsion be rescued? Will Chloe be found alive? Amanda? Hattie? And what of the dark charges that rise against Amanda? Rayford is determined to clear her name whether she is dead or alive.

With the fulfillment of more judgment prophecies, hardly any skeptics remain. Even the enemies of God now know whom they are fighting, and the world is forced to take sides.

Follow what's left of the Tribulation Force as each member struggles to survive and fight Antichrist until the glorious appearing of Christ.




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