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Longlight Legacy, The

The Dirt Eaters

Written By:Dennis Foon - 2003

  • The Dirt Eaters  - Dennis Foon cover


Fifteen-year-old Roan is about to discover a terrible truth.

When Roan's parents and the people of Longlight perish in a raid, Roan is torn between a desire for revenge and the plegde to peace that ruled his village. Taken in by a sect of warrior priests called the Brothers, Roan soon discovers the twisted and dark mythology that guides the Brothers' work. He flees into the most wasted lands of all, the Devastation.


This fast-paced and gripping first book in the The Longlight Legacy provides a compelling yet chilling account of what can happen when brutal forces threaten to overtake a society. Roan's quest reminds us that hope and the promise of renewed life can come form the most unlikely sources.

"This outstanding first title in a trilogy should have readers eagerly anticipating the next installment... [A] well-written adventure... Readers will be reminded of... Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451... entertaining." —School Library Journal, starred review

"This is sure-fire seller... I liked this book a lot and highly recommend it." —Jonah: Publishers Lunch




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