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Longlight Legacy, The

The Keeper's Shadow

Written By:Dennis Foon - 2006

  • The Keeper's Shadow  - Dennis Foon cover


Two years have passed since Roan fled the destruction of his village in the novel Freewalker. He has survived the polluted wilds of the Devastation, escaped the lethal mind traps of the Dreamfield, and infiltrated the heart of the sinister City. Through it all, Roan has struggled to hold fast to Longlight's legacy of peace. But now an unimaginable evil looms, and violence seems unavoidable.

Darius, the Keeper of the City, is enraged by the escape of Roan's sister Stowe. Yet despite the loss of his sacrificial prodigy, Darius' malevolent reign continues to push the entire realm to the brink of destruction. As Roan and his trusted friend Lumpy struggle to unite disparate peoples in a war against the City, it becomes clear that any chance of victory must include Stowe. But is her battered psyche damaged beyond all hope?




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