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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Written By:Terry Hayes / George Miller - 1985

  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - Terry Hayes / George Miller cover


"He's a lone warrior in a world gone mad! She is the only power in a land of fear."

A lone warrior searching for his destiny...
A tribe of lost children waiting for a hero...
In a world battling to survive,
They face a woman determined to rule.

Hold out for
This is his greatest adventure.


"This is Thunderdome, and Death's Listening. He'll take the first man who screams..."

Aunty Entity has risen to her feet, and the crowd's restless murmur had hushed once more. Her voice was like a benediction. Then she raised her hands.

At her signal the Guards let go of the two men, heaving them back toward the center of the arena with a rough shove.

Suspended on his cable, his movements completely out of his control, Max sailed toward Blaster. Their bodies slammed together with a teeth-jarring "thud" and rebounded. Blaster arched forward again, completely in control at the end of his own rope. His huge open hand smacked into the side of Max's head, twirling him like a top. Blaster smacked Max again, set him spinning faster.

The arena flashed past in a nauseating blur. Giddy with vertigo, tasting blood, Max saw Blaster's helmet blink past again and heard the giant's inhuman echoing laughter. It was a nightmare in zero gravity... there were no rules at all, just like he had been promised—not even the rules of nature...