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Man Who Awoke

Written By:Laurence Manning - 1933

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The thrill, the tremendous joy of awakening in a strange world of the future!

Norman Winters slept soundly. Five thousand years at a time. But what worlds did he wake to?

5,000 A.D.

Humanity staggers to save itself amid the world's littered, stagnant wreckage after the great Age of Waste.

10,000 A.D.

The world governed by The Brain—the inexorable machine that knows all, sees all and feels nothing.

15,000 A.D.

A life so unbearable to face that humans program their choice of dreams and sleep their lives away!

20,000 A.D.

After the Age of Freedom came the Age of License. And after that, the terrifying Age of Anarchy.

25,000 A.D.

At last, humanity discovers the secret sought through the centuries—but what price glory?


Winter's Tale

"Norman Winters encountered a society that resented the consumption of coal and oil in reckless profusion by their ancestors and that lived in a stringently cycled economy made necessary, in part, by ancestral waste.

"In the 1970s, everyone is aware of, and achingly involved in, the energy crisis. Manning was aware of it forty years ago, and because he was, I was, and so, I'm sure, were many thoughtful young science fiction readers.


"It was a funny kind of escapes literature that had the youngsters who read it concerned about the consequences of the waste of fossil fuels forty years before all the self-styled normal and sensible human beings felt it necessary to become interested." —Isaac Asimov, Before the Golden Age, Doubleday/1974