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Mars... The Challenge for Survival

Written By:Ronald A. Keneske - 2004

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This realistic story takes us on a journey to the near future the year 2045. The planet Earth is in the midst of a total ecological collapse. Within a matter of a few decades the planet Earth will be engulfed by a deadly greenhouse thick cloud of gases. Its fate similar to its sister planet Venus, shrouded in a hellish hot runaway greenhouse atmosphere. With a window of only a few decades scientists must terraform the planet Mars, then transport the surviving Earth inhabitants to a more Earth-like Mars. Two courageous astronaut brothers; Dan and Phil Craig, have taken up the challenge and will be the inspiration that will save mankind. However Trent Morgan, rogue terrorist leader and his army plan on seizing the Earth's launch sites thereby taking control of Earth and Mars.with today's threats of global warming author Ronald Keneske has written a frightening realistic novel.