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Masters of Solitude


Written By:Marvin Kaye / Parke Godwin - 1982

  • Wintermind - Marvin Kaye / Parke Godwin cover


In the aftermath of a bloody war, two cultures rediscovered one another after long centuries of isolation: the Coven, a pastoral tribe with strange telepathic powers, and the City, a race of immortals who preserved man's scientific heritage. Slowly, the painful union of these two worlds began. But their joining unleashed an awesome, hidden force that overshadowed both races' future.


Shalane woke with the first cautious birds, opening her eyes in the familiar warm hollow of Arin's shoulder. Her mind went out to read her small daughter in the next room, opening to grasp at energies delicate as flower scents.

Ever since City opened a decade before, and she and Arin settled within its endless borders, she'd lost so much of her past, and couldn't even share with her child the gifts that only come from Goddess Earth.

Mady isn't deepwoods, thought Shalane, bitterly. City teaching had turned her baby into a cool, self-possessed girl. Yet her lep was strong; a formidable weapon if needed. But the other half, the sharing, wasn't there...

Why do we have to live here? Thought Shalane. Why can't we go home?


The powerful epic of the far future

"Great imagination and logic... A book that's hard to put down." —Amazing SF

A haunting saga of America in the far future, WINTERMIND has all the color and sweep of a great epic, combined with the human insight and intimate characterization of two of the field's most accomplished talents.

"Extraordinary... Kaye and Godwin successfully intertwine psychology, religion, myth and the clash of instinct versus intellect." —Fantasy Newsletter

"Kay and Godwin's characters are believeable people, and the process of intermingling characters and lives is realistically handled." —Amazing SF

"Publishers, critics and readers alike have been complaining that good science fiction is getting hard to find, outside the products of a few seasoned veterans. Wintermind is proof that the genre can still produce outstanding work." —Locus




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