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Maurai and Kith

Written By:Poul Anderson - 1982

  • Maurai and Kith - Poul Anderson cover


The People of the Sea and The People of the Stars...

After Armageddon the People of the Sea created a new kind of civilization, one based on the integrity of Life and the moral as well as pragmatic necessity of conservation. But the Sky People live by a different vision, and they have come to enforce it...


"...if we can only have the help of other people, such as yourselves, on a worldwide scale, we can mathc our ancestors, or surpass them... not in their ways, which were often shortsighted and wasteful, but in achievements uniquely ours..."

His voice trailed off. She wasn't listening. She stared over his head, into the air, and horror stood on her face.

The trumpets howled on battlements, and the cathedral bells crashed to life.

"What the nine devils!" Ruori turned on his heel and looked up. The zenith had become quite blue. Lazily over S' Anton floated five orca shapes. The new sun glared off a jagged heraldry painted along their flanks. He estimated dizzily that each of them must be three hundred feet long.

Blood-colored things petaled out below them and drifited down upon the city.

"The Sky People!" said a small broken croak behind him. "Sant'sima Mari, pray for us now!"