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The Microcolony

Written By:Gordon M Williams - 1979

  • The Microcolony  - Gordon M Williams cover


They helped to build the ultimate frontier—The MicroSociety—and now it threatened to destroy them!

Survival or suicide?

They were mankind's last hope. A handful of Micronauts, human volunteers cloned to a fraction of their size, who survived the end of civilization, creating their own microsociety, the Colony. But amvition and the struggle for power turns the idyllic community into a dictatorship, forcing a small group to flee and to take their chances in the Beyond. Stalked by deadly beasts, unable to make it in a world they no longer belong to, they fight all odds to regain their freedom. One daring man and a frail young woman who holds the key to the future of mankind, lead the group beyond the Colony, into a world where every step could be their last!


Their lives were in his hands

"Haul this stuff out into the park," ordered Gudenian, "and then you can go back—if you're anxious to commit suicide."

"We did nothing wrong, we've got nothing to be afraid of. I say we go back now!" cried Dr. Nadine Boden.

"With eight packs gone, eight complete survival kits and eight people missing, you'll have a nice time convincing them it wasn't a planned breakout," said Gudenian.

"That means we can never go back!"

Gudenian grimaced ruefully. "Sorry, Doctor. I didn't have time to ask for volunteers. Cooperate and I'll give you a signed letter saying I forced you into it. My word on it. That goes for all of you, okay?"

But there was no going back. Gudenian, tall and blond and murderously determined, would see to that...




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