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The Micronauts

Written By:Gordon M Williams - 1977

  • The Micronauts  - Gordon M Williams cover


A novel of the ultimate frontier—the most fantastic adventure of any century

The ultimate frontier

Earth's resources were exhausted. Civilization had collapsed. Food was a luxury in a world poisoned by chemical wastes and doomed by uncontrollable violence. Man's last hope was Project Arcadia, the bizarre experiment submitted to by a group of dedicated scientists. They were the new pioneers, risking their lives to explore the strangest land that ever existed.


The world might have been coming to an end, so violent was the rushing storm of noise and commotion, the shaking of grass saplings with earthquake ferocity, the pelting down of seeds through a snowstream of white dust. They cringed in fear, not knowing which way to run from the monstrous creatures screaming and squabbling above their heads.

Corporal Carr fired one shot before Magruder and the American grabbed his arm. Robinson had a glimpse of great claws and scaly legs and an expanse of creamy feathers. Carr pushed Magruder away, raising his pistol for another shot...




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