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Minutes to Burn

Written By:Gregg Andrew Hurwitz - 2001

  • Minutes to Burn - Gregg Andrew Hurwitz cover


"In the year 2007 the world is not what it was..."

Powerful earthquakes and hurricanes have left most of South America in ruins--and solar rays pouring down through holes in the depleted ozone layer can burn human flesh to a crisp in minutes. An impending global eco-catastrophe has brought a crack scientific team to a desolate island in the GalA paos--along with a ragtag squad of U.S. Navy SEALs entrusted with their protection--to position critical seismic equipment before the next wave of earthquakes hits. But there is something waiting for them all in the jungles of Sangre de Dios. A scientific phenomenon the likes of which has never been seen has evolved in the devastating heat of a killing sun. And with the world's future hanging in the balance, a desperate search for answers has suddenly turned into a terrifying war for survival--transforming scientists and soldiers alike into something they never dreamed possible: "prey."