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Monkey Station

Written By:Ardath Mayhar - 1989

  • Monkey Station - Ardath Mayhar cover


In today's high-tech world of computers, lasers, and biotechnology, it was inevitable that something somewhere would go wrong. A custodian's error has sent a deadly, mutating plague across the globe. And it's traveling so fast that the civilized world can do nothing to stop it.

Isolated in the tropical rainforests of South America, researchers doing genetic experiments on monkeys find startling success: Something is making the macaques evolve faster—and one of the apes can talk!


"Damn! Call Dr. Lessley to Emergency. Grab that towel... Here. What a mess!

The gurney whirled around a corner and into a room so bright that Harkrider squeezed his wincing eyes shut again. After that, things took on a surreal speed. People moved about him, needles were thrust into him. Someone was washing him, even as the others worked.

He felt someone near his head. "I never saw anything like this," said a quiet voice into his ear. "Have you been exposed to anyone ill lately? Anything unusual at all?"

He tried to think. If his head would let up for just a moment, he might remember... But it didn't, and he couldn't.

He tried to shake his head, and the motion almost made him faint. But he felt that if he could have one instant of clarity, he did know something relevant. Something that might have caused his illness...

The opportunity never came. Within fifteen minutes, a black wave rolled over him. It drowned out the rest of the world, and Harkrider was dead.


"This is an important book for the message it carries, but Monkey Station is, to my mind, even more noteworthy for its vivid and exciting background and its picture of the slow growth of a new type of civilization." —Andre Norton