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In Mortal Fear

Written By:Jeanne Lucchesi - 2000

  • In Mortal Fear - Jeanne Lucchesi cover


In Mortal Fear" is a 51,000 words science fiction. It is the story of a young archeologist, Sandy Blais, who stumbles upon the discovery of an E.T. computer chip. A contact is made and the Alien told of the past history of mankind, still unknown to us, along with a message of an upcoming cataclysm that could destroy the Earth.

As a result of that discovery, Sandy, along with her boyfriend Alan Monnet and another close friend, Gabriel, both also archeologists, find their lives disrupted by a chasing FBI, with Desmond in charge, who treats them as trouble-makes, fit to be locked up or killed at sight. They run for the lives, yet they decide, against all odds, to warn the masses as the lives of everyone are at stake with the forecast of disaster. Time is running short.

Sandy gets traced, not only by Desmond, her worst nightmare, but by others, of which, one friendly protector, also of another FBI division, a young charming special agent. He offers her a temporary relief from Desmond.

As she and Alan are prepared to flee from their home once again, Alan goes for a last minute shopping trip and never returns. Meanwhile, an Army Colonel, David Lafayette, Sandy's cousin, comes to the rescue, and after several obstacles, manages to put Sandy into the safest place on Earth: an army station, his station.

Yet the worst has to come. Chaos and confusion reign as the tragic end of the World comes. Hundred of thousand die. Sandy, with a handful of friends, survive to tell, with the help of an unseen alien, whose plan is yet to be unraveled.