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Written By:Henry Kuttner - 1953

  • Mutant - Henry Kuttner cover

    Avon - 1st printing, October 1980


Avon - 1st printing, October 1980

The Chronicles of the Baldies...

The Big Blow-up left huge radioactive sores (the graves of cities) all over the face of the Earth. In time, from some of the women who had been near these shunned areas, the first totally hairless babies began to be born.

Their difference was not at first noticeable. But eventually they became known as "Baldies"—and a new and terrifying difference became apparent. The Baldies were telepathic.

From then on they were hated by normal humans—and hunted like animals.

This is the saga of their struggle for survival and their desperate search to find a safe means of giving the power of telepathy to humans so that both kinds might live peacefully side by side.

Sometime during the next century a mutant will crash high up in a chain of snow-capped mountains. He will crawl from the wreckage of his ship, and then send out his thoughts, probing, seeking the reassuring touch of the minds which unite with his to give life its fullest meaning.

And he will find—nothing.

He will lie in the snow, delirious, semiconscious, and try to keep from freezing by calling up from the deepest wells in the memories of his race, the cherished stories of the great Baldy minds who led their kind out of the valley of danger.