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Mutants Amok

Holocaust Horror

Written By:Mark Grant - 1991

  • Holocaust Horror - Mark Grant cover


A mutant nuclear nightmare threatens to transform the Earth into a toxic wasteland!


Bred in the laboratories of the future, genetically engineered mutant monstrosities have washed the ravaged Earth with human blood. And now the unstoppable mutant milita holds the key to ultimate world power and total nuclear annihilation: Dr. Edward Wilkens, a medical deviate dedicated to rediscovering the long-lost secret of atomic genocide. And unless Jack Bender and his courageous rebel band can stop the renegade madman of science, Wilkens and his bloodthirsty mutant masters plan to reduce the human race to radioactive refuse... turning the Earth into a contaminated corpse-strewn dumping ground!


It smelled of oil and of the night and of death

Something clanked through the wall like metallic thunder. Servomotors hummed and the neck turned, oculars swiveling and clinking as it searched out its prey in the screaming crowd.

And then it darted forward like a demon straight from a lower region of Hell. On one arm was a pair of sharp pincer claws. On the other was a parody of a human hand. With both it reached down and grabbed a halfsie that was paralyzed with fear at a table.

The igor screamed. "No! No! I didn't say anything! I swear I didn't! Don't do this, doctor! Please!"

There was a snipping sound, another scream. The igor's body hung limp. A large piece of flesh thumped to the floor.

Servomotors hummed and metal grated against metal as the behemoth turned and marched away, carrying its bloody burden cradled in its limbs, leaving behind a trail of blood.




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