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Mutants Amok

Mutant Hell

Written By:Mark Grant - 1991

  • Mutant Hell - Mark Grant cover


Humankind faces extinction in the flames of a genetically engineered nightmare

Humanity in Chains

Battered and enslaved, the human race cowers in the fearsome face of a horror they themselves created: awesome mutant warriors bred in the high-tech laboratories of the future. Brutal and unstoppable, these genetically designed super-soldiers rose up against their mortal masters, transforming the Earth into a gore-soaked mutant playground.

Now an attempted revolt by a brave but foolhardy band of Homo sapiens guerrillas has been mercilessly crushed. Their captive leaver, Max Turkel, is faced with a grim and terrible choice: either slow, agonizing death at the hands of his inhuman enemies... or collaboration, which will consign every last man, woman and child on the planet to the flames of an unspeakable mutant hell!


Turkel squirmed in the robot's grip, but to no avail.

Some kind of extra mandible had grown from the thing's side: a buzzsaw, large enough to slice through human skin and bone.

Max's fighter responses took over. Fresh adrenaline sped through his heart. With a gymnast's ability, he swung his shackled wrists around toward the advancing buzzsaw. The titanium blade sliced through the handcuff's easily. He dropped to the floor and slammed into a guard, delivering a hard karate chop at what served the thing as a neck. With a crack of breaking bone, the mutant went gurgling down, splashing the floor with blood.

Suddenly a giant hand knocked Turkel down. A heavy boot stomped on his chest, pinning him against the floor. Something big, something black, something overwhelming was about to bring something nasty down to crush his skull.




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