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Mutants Amok

Mutants Amok

Written By:Mark Grant - 1991

  • Mutants Amok - Mark Grant cover


They were created to serve, now they're dedicated to destruction!


They had been bred as the perfect killing machines. Mutant warriors—vicious, fearless... and unstoppable. Genetically designed soliders created to triumph on the battlefields of the 21st century. But something has gone wrong... horribly wrong. The mutant servants have revolted. The Earth has caught fire—and the flames are fed by the blood of the one-time masters. Now a small band of human rebels is the last hope of the besieged planet. Courageous guerrilla fighers, they must prevent the unthinkable, the ultimate nightmare: the total annihilation of humankind!


The robot pulled the squirming, screaming mutant up a full five feet in the air.

Slowly and carefully, like a man deveining a shrimp, the robot pulled the mutant's spine from his back, clipping off the ribs with auxiliary shears along the way. The mutant struggled and screamed, streaming a rain of blood onto the polished floor. When the robot had the spine bared all the way up to the neck, it used its razor shears to cut off the head entirely.

The robot tossed the grisly remnant of the Royal Chiropractor to the BrainGeneral. Torx caught it by the head. The mouth and the eyes were wide open, frozen in pain and horror.

"Regard well the handiwork of the metal at my command!" squeaked the Overlord. "Catch the rebel Maximillian Turkel, BrainGeneral Torx. Catch him and bring him here to my fortress, dead or alive, by the end of a lunar cycle—or the fate that you hold in your hands will be your own!"




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