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Navigating the Terror

Written By:John Hyatt - 2000

  • Navigating the Terror - John Hyatt cover


This ambitious fiction catapults the reader into a techno-identity crisis in the life of one Roman Dee. It moves between the interdependent, shifting worlds of Real and Data, inhabited by a vast crew of people, creatures and creations including the Alices, demented Total Quality Management harpies, AISCARP (the Artifically Intelligent Self-Curating Art Robot Project) which takes on unlikely roles of betrayer, Cupid and lover, and the Dalmation Seven-League Time Boots. In a post-mad-cow world where people breakfast on Nagual burgers and the Terror Firma surveillance company restricts their movements, a Frankenstein monster, who is really very nice, is constructed out of lasers, bottles of Tequila, human pancreases and chips, stolen and donated. In this future of clones, uploads and goons, the novel gives a sharp twist to some ancient themes: the relationship between father and son, gender politics, art and responsibility, not to mention the future possibilities of human/techology interface.