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The Night Land: A Love Tale

Written By:William Hope Hodgson - 1912

  • The Night Land: A Love Tale  - William Hope Hodgson cover


This to beL ove, that your spirit to live in a natural holiness with theB eloved, and your bodies to be a sweet and natural delight that shall be never lost of a lovely mystery. .. .A nd shame to be unborn, and all things to go wholesome, and proper out of an utter greatness of understanding; and theM an to be an Hero and aC hild before theW oman ;and theW oman to be an Holy Light of theS pirit and anU tter Companion and in the same time a glad Possession unto theM an. .. .A nd this doth be Humxan Love. ... ., for this to be the especial glory of Love, that it doth make unto allS weetness and Greatness, and doth be a fire burning all Littleness ;so that did all in this world to have metT he Beloved, then did Wantonness be dead, and there to grow Gladness and Charity, dancing in the years.