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Night Shift [Night Surf]

Written By:Stephen King - 1974

  • Night Shift [Night Surf] - Stephen King cover


Excursions into Horror

In places where fear dwells and blood runs cold, sinister forces and unspeakable things are working the Night Shift

From the depths of darkness where hideous rats defend their empire, to dizzying heights where a beautiful girl hangs by a hair above a hellish fate, Night Shift will plunge you into the subterranean labyrinth of the most spine-tingling, eerie imaginations of our time

Do you have a taste for terror? An appetite for the eerie? A hunger for the hideous truth that lies beneath the surface of everyday life?

Sit down to a sundown feast that won't end until the chill of dawn—


"Bizarre horror and terror!" —Chicago Tribune

"Eerie, irrational, and spooks galore... ought to chill the cockles of many a heart!" —Publishers Weekly

"Spine-tingling... you'll be up all night!" —Playboy

"Great reading... chillers that might make even Hitchcock shudder!" —Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph

"A spellbinding journey through horror by 'a master of the craft!'" —Los Angeles Times

"Creeping horror... will curl your hair!" —Tacoma News Tribune

"A master of horror... he'll catch you in his web and reach you at an elemental level where there is no defense against terror!" —Cincinnati Enquirer

"Macabre... unbearable suspense!" —Dallas Times Herald

"A 'horrible' delight... don't read late at night or without locking all your doors!" —Cedar Rapids Gazette

"Tales taht go straight through you likes rats' fangs!" —Kirkus Reviews