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No Night Without Stars

Written By:Andre Norton - 1975

  • No Night Without Stars - Andre Norton cover


They possessed the knowledge he sought...

But first sander had to find them. The Before People. The few who had survived earth's devastation. If he reached them, he could learn the legendary skills that would set him apart, make him powerful.

On his search through the desolate land Sander met Fanyi. She, too, was searching for the secret stronghold of the Before People. For her own, very different reasons.

Together, they met unimagined terrors and strange perils. And suddenly they discovered themselves in deadly combat with an unexpected evil that threatened their sanity—as well as their lives...


Trussed as tightly as the pack still on his back, Sander found himself pulled aloft. It appeared that his captors were creatures who considered trees their natural roadways. He was tense with foreboding as they swung him across wide expanses, sure that sooner or later he must crash helplessly to the ground beneath. At last he closed his eyes tightly, determined to hoard his strength for any effort he could make at the end of a nightmare journey.

There came a final downward swing, which ended in a vicious jerk, sending pain red and hot through his head. Then Sander lay flat on the ground in an open place, the sun beaming harshly into his eyes.

When he turned his head as far as he could and cautiously opened his eyes again, it was just in time to see the last of the hairy men swing upward into the trees again on the other side of the clearing.

Had they left a guard? If not, was there any way to escape?


"Gripping adventure that will keep the reader on the edge of his seat until the final page." —Seattle Times