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Omega Sub

Death Dive

Written By:J. D. Cameron / David Robbins - 1992

  • Death Dive - J. D. Cameron / David Robbins cover


On the East Coast of a nuclear-decimated America, the Liberator sails into a savage zombie hell

U.S.S. Liberator—sailing the oceans of a nuclear-ravaged world on the most dangerous mission of all... survival!

A radio call for help has reached the U.S.S. Liberator from the shattered metropolis of New York. Two families have somehow managed to emerge unscathed from the fire and devastation of nuclear Armageddon. But rescuing them may prove an impossible task. For thousands of radiation-crazed "white shirts" have arisen from the ruins of the once-great city for one final, savage assault on the desperate survivors' stronghold—trapping Tom Donovan and his brave crew in the murderous center of an unrelenting reign of zombie terror.


Welcome to my nightmare

There were six corpses arranged bizarrely around the cabin. All had been stripped naked. All were rotted beyond recognition, their bones exposed in spots, ribbons of flesh hanging from their bodies. Two were seated on the settee, one was sprawled on the top of the dinette table, and two lay on the floor, their arms neatly aligned at their sides, their grisly, ragged lips pulled back to expose their yellowing teeth in ghastly grins of welcome.

"My God," Percy declared in horror.




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