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Oneness in a Cocoon

Written By:S. Egroeg Reklaw - 2002

  • Oneness in a Cocoon - S. Egroeg Reklaw cover


An Earth male is kidnapped by an advanced society of humans from another galaxy. It seems his main purpose is to help replenish the vibrancy that had left the Advanced Ones' society in ruins after their galactic war. These Advanced Ones had been to Earth before, and had left their marks on the numerous pyramids that dotted our World. These people are endowed with powerful psychic powers that bend Earth's people to their will without actually physically forcing them. The innate desire to be with them will cause our human primitive desires to override our sense of civil restrain. The Advanced Ones count on this to get their wishes fulfilled --procreation is their number one priority to offset their dwindling population. All Earth Primitives are first warned that any sexual contact will cause their death. It seems that the primitive Earth person could lose his life during this encounter, because his close contact seems to over-drive (magnify) his deep sensual desires, resulting in death. The catch is the Advanced Ones will not force a cellular contact, but will willing make themselves available if you wish . . . It seems the Earth humans are protected by a Higher Intelligence that mediates between the Earth's Primitive Humans and their Advanced Humans. The battle here is that he is sharing an abode with this beautiful telepathic woman who is physically and physically more powerful than he is. He is well treated and begins falling in love with her and has that magnified intrinsic sexual urge. He resists making that final move when all of his senses at their peak knowing full well that his final move is death! Although his sensuality screams daily for her heightened satisfaction, he fights on for his life as he hopelessly wonders if she is really a human . . . until he makes the mistake of misinterpreting their culture and confuses himself by touching her. He watched the old depleted males that were here before him . . . they were alive, but barely.