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Out There

Written By:Adrien Stoutenberg - 1972

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The first major of ecological nightmare.

America: The Near Future!

America: Danger—Contamination Zone!

Sometime in the early part of the twenty-first century, cities lay sterile under steel and plastic domes. It is the only world a teenager can know. Earlier generations violated every rule of ecology and laid plunder to their country.

Somewhere, through, out there was another world. There might be animals. There might be other life. There might be death.

Somehow, Lester, a romantic follower of St. Francis of Assisi; sturdy, strong Patrick; intelligent, but insecure Sylvie; shy, fat Fay; and eight-year-old Knobs, along with Zebrina Vanderbrook would find a way out into the brave old world OUT THERE!


"It was barely light. The old station wagon, one of the last automobiles made with an internal combustion engine, stood gleaming dully in Zebrina Vanderbrook's driveway. Looking at it, the luggage carrier heaped high with camping equipment, and at the tent trailer hitched behind, Zeb had a half-hysterical impulse to laugh even as panic edged her thoughts."


"A strange and awesome experience makes an absorbing story... a theme menacing in its timeliness." —Book World

"... shapes an urgent contemporary issue... a sympathetic novel about ecology directed to the generation which must restore the environment." —The New York Times

This is the frightening beginning of a journey in the future, a journey too chilingly possible for us to ignore even now in the seventies.