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Written By:James Axler - 2003

  • Awakening - James Axler cover


A brilliant interloper bids for control of twenty-third-century America

Pernicious Archetype

More than two hundred years after Skydark, the hybrid barons cling tenuously to their waning influence, losers in an internecine war to control nuke-shattered America. A new threat has emerged, one whose intimate knowledge of preDark technology fuels a grim new bid for power. To begin, he must penetrate the central nerve node of a small and dedicated band of warriors fighting to free Earth's survivors of long-ago devastation from slavery and misery...

Force Resolute

Cryogenically preserved before the nukes obliterated their own way of life, an elite team of battle-hardened American fighting men have now been reactivated for duty, commanded by this supreme manipulator. Their first mission in a tortured new world: move in and secure Cerberus Redoubt and the mat-trans network at any cost. In a world where trust is hard-won and harder kept, Kane and his fellow exiles must convince Team Phoenix that they are on the same side—for humanity, and against the hybrids and their willing human allies.


Hays saw the figure of a man standing by the foot of an examination table

The man was immensely tall and spectrally thin. He had somewhat bushy hair and a longish but immaculately trimmed beard; both were a deep red that emphasized the extreme pallor of his skin. His eyes, which were nearly maroon, seemed sunken in dark pits of flesh. He wore a one-piece jumpsuit in a muted gold shade.

Hays could see through him to the synthetic fiber that covered the metal walls of the chamber.

"Before you say anything further, Major, let me inform you that what you see is a recording, made some five years after the Third World War destroyed the world as you—and I—knew it."

Hays felt his stomach do a slow roll. "So the stupid bastards actually went through with it," he said with bitter heat. "I hoped you were waking us up to tell us Armageddon had been called off."




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