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Death Cry

Written By:James Axler - 2008

  • Death Cry - James Axler cover


A secret weapon has the power to annihilate Earth's invaders.


Decades after the nukecaust, Earth's fate remains in a stranglehold. The stunning otherworldly design of the blueprint for domination is crucial to rescuing humanity from eternal slavery. As the Cerberus exiles dare to challenge the planet's increasingly powerful usurpers, the battle to navigate time and dimension continues—aided by brute force and the age-old strategies of war.


Kane and the team learn of a secret doomsday weapon rumored to be hidden in Russia. But where would the paranoid scientists of communist rule hide a battleship-sized device from aliens of supreme intelligence and mind-reading abilities? Where few can find it—on another astral plane, complete with whitecoats still unaware of the nukecaust. But mysterious interlopers have tapped into Cerberus intelligence, forcing their bid to control the Death Cry. And if Cerberus can manifest the Death Cry into reality—the potential for one last global holocaust becomes a death race.


The assassin who moved like a ghost waited patiently...

The assassin, the ghost lady, scared and fascinated Cloud Singer, but the woman kept herself to herself, letting none of the tribe get close. Finally, crouching on the haunches beside the glowing laptop screen, Rock Streaming gazed at the others, waiting for everyone's reactions. "Well?" he asked.

"A weapon that exists on a higher plane of consciousness is one that can be activated on a higher plane of consciousness, as well." The assassin spoke from the shadows of the cave, her voice carrying eerily through the enclosed space.

"The assassin is right," Bad Father said in his rumbling-thunder voice. "With this and the Dreamslicer, we could establish the new baronies and carve the world up for the original tribe."

"But how would we take it?" Rabbit in the Moon asked.

"By force," Neverwalk chirped, slapping a fist into his open palm.




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