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Destiny Run

Written By:James Axler - 1997

  • Destiny Run - James Axler cover


A journey into night in a world no longer their own...


Two centuries after the nuclear holocaust, fortified villes loom in the wastelands, imposing a menacing rules that's shaping the future.


As a warrior, Kan served the lords of the villes, but on a punitive expedition he'd caught a forbidden glimpse of the future that made him an outcast. In exile with him are Brigid Baptiste, golden keeper of the archives, and Grant, an only friend in a hostile land. Together they've sworn to uncover the secrets of the world's fate... as written in its dark past.

New clues hint that a terrifying piece of the puzzle is buried in the heart of Asia, where a descendant of the Great Khan wields awesome powers.

Coming to grips with the shocking truth behind the new reality...


The Dragon Ring

The yellow gem eyes of the dragon suddenly flashed with a pale golden glow. The glow became a shimmering halo, spreading from the eyes, dancing in a miniature borealis around the horned head.

The filament popped out of the open mouth again. A minute dark speck, almost too tiny for the unaided eye to detect, was attached to the end of it.

With a surge of horror, Kane realized that Baptiste's speculation that the dragon ring was a surgical instrument was probably more accurate than she ever dreamed.

The filament had sampled his genetic structure, and whatever stunningly complex and miniaturized mechanism was inside the ring, it had manufactured an implant with his own blood and cells as a nonrejectable sheath.

It wasn't sorcery, but it was no less terrifying.




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