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Evil Abyss

Written By:James Axler - 2005

  • Evil Abyss - James Axler cover


Guardians of Power

Shrouded in manipulation and mystery, a deadly order grips the treacherous post-nuclear world, one that conspires to weaken and subjugate humanity as it has for eons. Yet the oligarchy of hybrid barons is slowly losng its power over insurrectionist forces, led by rebels willing to lead mankind out of its yoke of slavery. Though the timeless secrets of Earth and its oppressors remain locked, the sheer fortitude of the human soul remains strong. . .

Sacred Nexus

In the heart of Cambodia, a portal to the eternal mysteries of space and time lures both good and evil to its promise. Now, a deadly imbalance has not only brought havoc to the region, but also threatens the efforts of the Cerberus warriors. To have control of the secrets locked deep within the sacred city is to possess the power to manipulate Earth's vast energies. . .and in the wrong hands, to alter the past, present and future in unfathomable ways. . .




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