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Exile to Hell

Written By:James Axler - 1997

  • Exile to Hell - James Axler cover





America had barely survived the nuclear holocaust but two centuries later a new order emerges to inflict its rule on the fortified cities. Beyond the walls are the Outlands, where a fragile freedom remains.

Once a fearsome warrior of the new order, Kane discovers a secret that has damned humanity since the dawn of history. Now banished as an enemy of the state, he joins forces with Brigid Baptiste, keeper of the archives, and Grant, brother-in-arms and innovative weapons specialist.

In the place that was once called New Mexico, Kane finds the first hidden clues to humanity's future.

Coming to grips with the shocking truth behind the new reality...


"Speak now."

Brigid told her story. She had been engaged in following a line of inquiry ordered by the Magistrate Division. She had no idea the orders had not been sanctioned by Kane's superior officer.

Golden waves shimmered across the screen. The baron said, "I'm not sentencing you to death for these arbitary reasons. Even if you are a Preservationist, that's not what brought you here before me."

"What did, then?"

"Knowledge," Baron Cobalt answered. "In this tortured period of humanity's existence on earth, knowledge beyond what's needed must also bring death."

Brigid said nothing. Frozen, she only stared at the shifiting pattern of light on the screen.

"The course of execution is set by expedience and custom. You will die quickly and painlessly."

As if responding to an invisible cue, the door opened. The baron said, "The sentence is to be carried out forthwith."




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