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Far Empire

Written By:James Axler - 2002

  • Far Empire - James Axler cover


Red Dawn

When the world blew out in 2001, the secrets locked in its darkest corridors became the answer to humanity's survival. Now, more than two centuries later, a mysterious Imperator prepares to seize his birthright from the nine hybrid barons fighting each other for domination of the planet. All that stands between freedom and extinction is a renegade force of exiles who are prepared to challenge the ancient warring entities thrusting mankind into a horrifying future . . .

Heart of the World

Waging a covert war that ranges from a subterranean complex in the desert to a forgotten colony on the moon, former magistrate Kane, brother-in-arms Grant and archivist-turned-warrior Brigid Baptiste find themselves pawns in a stunning strategy of evil. A beautiful hybrid carries an unborn child -- a blueprint for hope in a dark world. She seeks Kane's help, unwittingly leading them into a trap from which there may be no escape . . .




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