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Grailstone Gambit

Written By:James Axler - 2008

  • Grailstone Gambit - James Axler cover


A land steeped in sorcery becomes the vortex of resurrected evil...

Defiant Aggressors

The alien blueprint to claim Earth dates back to eons before humanity became enslaved. Fires of human rebellion have only strengthened the bid to fully secure the chains of iron rule. But the battle that spans time and space has become a proving ground. A bold, sophisticated band of insurgents has understanding of the enemy's darkest secrets, and dares to loosen the choke hold of power on the planet...

Mists of Doom

Across mystical Celtic lands, a devious enemy has resurfaced, adopting the guise of Merlin, new messiah of the Druidic religion. Ushering in a new age of magic, terror and human sacrifice, the interloper once called Lord Strongbow seeks and ancient relic that will resurrect the dead. To rescue a culture from barbarism, the Cerberus warriors stand with a warrior queen in a final challenge to turn the tide ancient madness that threatens to engulf the entire world.


"Dammit, Kane—"

Edward's voice blared through the comm unit. "Sir, I've got Shuma dead center. I haven't heard from Domi."

Brady announced, "Commander, I just tried checking in with Domi but she didn't respond. Do we scrub?"

"Stand by," Kane said flatly. "Everybody, just stand by."

The Cadillac lurched as the tires rolled into a rut and Shuma reached out a claw-tipped hand to steady himself. Kane settled the rubber-cushioned stock of the OCIW into the hollow of his shoulder and held his breath. The skin between his shoulder blades seemed to tighten and the short hairs at the back of his neck tingled.

He squeezed the trigger.




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