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Hellbound Fury

Written By:James Axler - 1999

  • Hellbound Fury - James Axler cover


A struggle for light and life against the tidal wave of the past


The nuclear blasts at the turn of the millennium have touched humanity with the cold breath of extinction, and the exiles from the centers of power realize that the odds fore survival haven't changed greatly under the new order...

A former enforcer for the new lords, Kane found shelter in Cerberus Redoubt, along with the archivist Brigid and fellow magistrate Grant. They know that unseen forces guard an ancient secret, which has thrown a dark shroud over the future. Behind them stands the impenetrable past. But all that changes when they are suddenly catapulted into another reality—and here, as they attempt to remake the future, the enemy races to turn time into a weapon of destruction.


"You might want to call DeFore."

Lakesh's eyebrows rose. "Why?"

Grant didn't answer. Grimly he returned to the cloud-filled chamber. The vapor showed no indication of thinning, which was definitely unprecedented. He made his way to Kane and painfully went onto one knee beside him.

He saw only one Kane now.He still wore Grant's Mag-issue, Kevlar-weave coat, and he noticed the bulge of the holstered Sin Eater beneath the right sleeve. But his eyes were closed, his face slack. Grant did not see my signs of respiration.

Shrugging off the tentacles of dread that clutched at his heart, Grant placed a forfinger at the base of Kane's throat to check his pulse.

His finger passed through Kane and touched a metal floor plate.




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