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Purgatory Road

Written By:James Axler - 2001

  • Purgatory Road - James Axler cover


New Tyranny ensnares a shackled humanity—but the vendetta for freedom endures...

Grim Forbearance

The fate of humanity remains ever uncertain, dictated by the obscure forces that have commandeered mankind's destiny for thousands of years. The plenipotentiaries of these ancient oppressors—the nine barons who have controlled America in the two hundred years since the nukecaust—are now falling prey to their own rabid desire for power. Their imposed doom is aided by a handful of intrepid men and women in a bitter fight to destroy the self-proclaimed new humans and deliver humanity from the yoke of interminable slavery...

Forbidding Fortune

In what once was the Pacific, the internecine baronial war rages on. Kane, Grant and Brigid wreak their own brand of destruction, inadvertently leading invading forces to the island of New Edo, a lost world that echoes the violent, honor-ruled ways of feudal Japan. Amidst this war within a war, a shocking new twist emerges in the blueprint to control the future. Kane and his companions will become victims of a mysterious power play by alien dictators unleashing their abominable plan to claim Earth.


Kane swung his helm to starboard...

He cut a course that would head him directly for the landing craft instead of the sailboat. He shouted over the drone of the diesel engine to the four-man crew, "Brace yourselves! I'm going to ram!"

Cries of terror burst from the men aboard the Mag boat. A man with a copperhead abruptly sprang up and dived over the far side when he realized what Kane intended to do. The man at the wheel screamed at him to veer off. The crew added their own panic-shrill voices to his screams. They knew if their boat sank, their armor, as lightweight as it was, would still be an impediment in the water.

The rest of the man's shout was overwhelmed by the impact of the turtle-boat ramming the landing boat. The prow of the vessel shattered, planks wrenching, groaning and tearing in splinters twice as long as a man.




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