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Reality Echo

Written By:James Axler - 2010

  • Reality Echo - James Axler cover


A shape-shifting assassin and a cannibal army threaten the future's last hope

Domination Continuum

Earth remains the volatile prize of aeons of war and domination by two panterrestrial races. Returning the fight to these inhuman overlords, the Cerberus rebels are the champions of the planet's postapocalyptic dark ages. They spark a uniquely human resilience and courage to stand down the forces of infinitely powerful, perhaps unstoppable entities in the ongoing war to retake Earth for humanity.

Valley of the Damned

The Bluegrass range, ripe with secrets and magic, hides the operating base of a race of monstrous genetic mutations, faithful servants of an ancient overlord. As Kane and the rebels stage their reconnaissance, the shocking new face of an old nemesis enters the fray. As the cross-spatial cyborg replicates himself as Kane and breaches humanity's last defense, he may well succeed in wiping the mountains—and their inhabitants—off the face of Earth permanently.


Kane couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity in the enemy's voice

"I'm not here to kill you. I don't even want to seriously hurt you, because my real contention is with the errant young Sam."

"He likes to call himself Enlil, now," Kane corrected. He struggled to focus his eyes, but the shove of a warm, human-feeling hand left him swinging. "You want Enlil, so you do what... lure us out here to hang us up like beef?"

"The enemy of my enemy is..."

"Let me see your damn face!" Kane growled.

"Touchy, touchy," the Thrush-thing replied. He stepped back and, finally, Kane's vision was clear enough and focused enough for his own face. Hard, predator-sharp blue eyes glinted to match the cruel smile on the doppelganger Kane's lips. It was identical to him, right down to the amount of scruffy beard growth on his jaw and the faint remnant of a scar on his cheek.




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