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Satan's Seed

Written By:James Axler - 2007

  • Satan's Seed - James Axler cover


As humanity emerged from the rubble of nuclear war, so did history's darkest secrets, deliberately concelaed beneath a cunning web of lies, half-truths and contrivance. Now, as alien overlords ready their blueprint for absolute control over planet Earth, daring rebels fight back against grim odds and an ememy of superlative power whose only failing may be their inability to grasp mankind's fierce will to survive.

The Cerberus warriors must endure the most frightening tests of their ingenuity when they discover secrets linking alien technology, Nazi time-travel experiments and a 260-year-old nightmare time-trawled in a new quest for power. The Pacific is swarming with SS troopers led by a dangerous woman and her strange advisor whose capacity for evil is rooted int he dark energy of the occult...




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