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Tigers of Heaven

Written By:James Axler - 2001

  • Tigers of Heaven - James Axler cover


In post-apocalyptic Earth, human destiny may be overturned once more...

Unholy Alliance

The atomic megacull exiled humanity to the world of their birth and delivered the power of life and death to the hands of an elite few. It is a power measured in blood—those who shed it and those willing to spill it. What remains of America is ruled by emissaries of a conspiracy that has damned mankind throughout history. But this oligarchy is weakening, divided by internal conflict and the unbreakable will of a group of outcasts, fighting for humanity's freedom...

Origins Reconsidered

Torn between swearing allegiance to the mysterious Imperator and maintaining control of their individual territories, the barons are vulnerable. Imprisoned in Cobalt's Area 51 stronghold, Kane, once a soldier of the ruling elite, is aided by rebel forces who fear future genocide for both human and hybrid alike. As the baronies factionalize, Kane and his compatriots must choose sides in a war that is about to shift the paradigm of power, and deal human destiny a terrifying new twist.

On the brink of doom, they have nothing to lose... and everything to fight for.


"Are you sure of this? Balam is back?"

Quavell replied, "That is what we were told by Baron Cobalt. He claimed that Balam was betraying his own kind. He vowed to oppose the Imperator even if it meant warring with his brother barons." She paused, and the tip of her tongue touched her pale lips nervously. "That apparently is happening. This installation will be under full assault by dawn, and we need to know where you stand."

"I stand where I always stand. Against your kind. If the baronies are factionalizing, it's best for the rest of us—humanity—to sit back and let you fight it out."

She shook her head. "That will not do this time, Kane. You must choose a faction in this war, a war your actions have brought about."

Kane suppressed a profane comeback. "I didn't create the barons or the villes, Quavell."

Maddock stepped forward, stating impatiently, "It doesn't matter who created who or started what. We've got a war brewing and those of us here have already chosen the side they will fight on. And so will you."




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