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Uluru Destiny

Written By:James Axler - 2004

  • Uluru Destiny - James Axler cover


Omnipotent forbearance

The bid for supreme power in a postnuclear world grows increasingly uncertain as the weakened hybrid barons struggle to protect their territories from a mysterious Imperator who remains a force to be reckoned with. The quest for total domination of earth and its human population remains all but thwarted by a small group of insurgents in conflict with the invisible forces manipulating mankind's destiny--a war in which every battle becomes a life-or-death clash with a brutal oppressor.

Quantum Rebound

Ominous rumblings in the South Pacific lead Kane and his compatriots into the heart of a secret barony ruled by a ruthless god-king planning an invasion of the sacred territory at Uluru and its aboriginals who are seemingly possessed of a power beyond all earthy origin. With total victory of hybrid over human hanging in the balance, slim hope lies with the people known as the Crew, preparing to reclaim a power so vast that in the wrong hands could plunge the fate of humanity into an abyss of evil with no hope of redemption.




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