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Warlord of the Pit

Written By:James Axler - 2009

  • Warlord of the Pit - James Axler cover


Shock waves of the past erupt deep inside Earth...

Damage Criteria

The war to pull Earth and humanity back from the iron grip of slavery shifts against an inhuman enemy both calculating and unpredictable. For those with the knowledge and will to reclaim their planet, a blueprint for survival has emerged: to challenge the future, they must reckon with the chilling and immutable past.

Sustained Sweep

Several baronies have disappeared, as if swallowed by the earth. Strange disturbances lead Kane and the others to a giant sinkhole in a remote and wild area of Mexico, where reality merges with an ancient culture of sorcery. Here, a beautiful, mysterious guerilla leader wages war against a terrifying army of demons spiriting humans into the subterranean netherworld. Joining the fight, the Cerberus rebels invade the cavernous chambers of a hidden world, and confront a self-styled warlord using preDark nuclear tech to rule the depths of the planet.


"on your knees, outlander bitch!" the man shouted.

He reached for the back of her neck.

Without otherwise moving, Brigid lashed her right hand up, caught the man by the thumb and secured a kote gaeshi wristlock. Twisting sharply, she took a swift step back and kicked the man behind his left knee. He dropped her guns to the floor.

His leg buckled and he went down awkwardly, catching himself by his right hand. Gritting her teeth, Brigid locked the man's wrist under her left arm and heaved up on it, hoping to dislocate it at the shoulder. He cried out in pain.

Captain Saragayn lifted his right hand, the fingers sparkling with jeweled rings. "Our guest does not understand either our language or our etiquette."

In Magindano, Brigid said, "I understand the one and have no tolerance for the other."




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