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Pandora's Children

Written By:Kathryn Lance - 1986

  • Pandora's Children - Kathryn Lance cover


Many centuries into the future, the planet earth has been torn apart by the ideals of two great powers that will never be able to resolve their differences. On one side are the Traders, who are fanatically against all of the teachings of science. On the other side are those who follow the Principal, a brilliant leader possessing the scientific knowledge of the human race. Evvy, the most beautiful woman on earth, finds herself in the middle of the struggle between the two factions that rule the planet. On the morning of her marriage to the Principal, she is kidnapped by the Traders to be a sacrifice they hope will purify the world. In order to rescue her, the warrior who loves her will journey through the most dangerous realms of a chaotic and fragmented world where a secretly treacherous force is determined to destroy all who stand in opposition!