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Pebble in the Sky

Written By:Isaac Asimov - 1950

  • Pebble in the Sky - Isaac Asimov cover

    Bantam - August 1957

  • Pebble in the Sky - Isaac Asimov cover

    Fawcett Crest - June 1971


Bantam - August 1957

Somewhere in today lie all the possibilities for tomorrow

Pebble in the Sky takes a man of today, and follows him into a hugely distant, prophetically strange future, where he was a relic from an almost forgotten past—his language buried in antiquity. By the standards of Galactic Era 827, he was a canadidate for euthanasia.

Fawcett Crest - June 1971

A mind-spinning adventure in the world of tomorrow by the Master of Science Fiction

Earthman Beware!

Two minutes before he disappeared forever from the face of the Earth he knew, Joseph Schwartz was strolling down the pleasant streets of a Chicago suburb, thinking about his family.

He was a simple man, a kind man, a practical man not given to wild flights of imagination.

So when he saw the old Raggedy Ann doll lying in his path, he merely smiled and lifted his foot to step over it...

That was the only thing he remembered.

He did not know that it marked the last act of his life on the earth... and the beginning of a terrifying journey into a strange new world where the twentieth century was already ancient history.


Bantam - August 1957

Two minutes before he disappeared from the face of the earth he knew, Joseph Schwartz strolled along the pleasant streets of suburban Chicago. Then, between on step and the next, he was suddenly whirled through space and unknown aeons of time.

Schwartz awakened to a weird and terrifying world in the future. All the planets of the universe had been conquered and held in check by the central government of the Galactic Empire.

And slowly Schwartz realized that he had arrived on the eve of a huge, galactic revolution—a revolt so vicious and so bitter that it would end in the complete annihilation of the human race.

And he, Joseph Schwartz, a simple, retired tailor from a forgotten age, was the only living soul with the power to prevent the disaster.


Bantam - August 1957

Daring, bold, prophetic—an imaginative novel of man's conquest to the illimitable vastnesses of outer space.

Great Science-ficition picks up a thread in today and follows it into the future—as far as man's imagination can range.

Iassac Asimov brings to science-fiction the authority of a distinguished scientist and the boundless imagination of a talented novelist—a combination so rare that a reviewer says, "Isaac Asimov is one science-fiction writer who has elevated the literary genre to a position of prestige." —Los Angeles Mirror

Fawcett Crest - June 1971

Written with the same riveting authenticity that is the hallmark of Isaac Asimov's celebrated stories, this engrossing tale brings into stunning focus the promises and terrors of a time yet unborn when the planet earth is no more than a Pebble in the Sky.