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Ambush of Shadows An

Written By:Paul O. Williams - 1983

  • Ambush of Shadows  An - Paul O. Williams cover


To Stel, it was a rescue mission; but to the Tantal it was the end of their world...

Their last mistake...

For years after their disastrous defeat by the Pelbar at Northwall, the slave-holding Tantal had kept their distance.

But once the Pelbar moved northward to colonize the shores of the Bitter Sea, Tantal forces were always on the attack.

Then one day they kidnapped the young daughter of Stel Westrun, Pelbar master craftsman, re-inventor of the steamboat—and, suddenly, the single-minded foe of all things Tantal...


A Brief Freedom

Instantly the Peshtak melted into the dusk, leaving Stel hanging upside down in their net. Working soundlessly, he freed his short-sword. A arrow-flight to the west, a shriek shredded the darkening silence. Stel sawed frantically at the net. Another shriek was followed by yells. Suddenly there was a flash and an explosive thud. Tantal attacking, Stel thought. Then the woods were eerily silent again. As his arm came free, someone brushed by him, and Stel swept out with his short-sword, slicing into the man's face. He screamed, and yells and shrieks flared all around.

Stel sawed wildly at the net and all at once dropped free to the ground. Something rushed at him; he dodged and swept his short-sword in a broad arc. The man leapt for Stel again, but as he brought down a long, curved sword, Stel's short one darted into his side. The man gasped and Stel turned to run. Almost instantly, an arm grasped him and someone growled, "Come on, Pelbar."




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