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The Breaking of Northwall

Written By:Paul O. Williams - 1980

  • The Breaking of Northwall  - Paul O. Williams cover


Blazing action a thousand years in the future when a lone man crosses a continent to defend his people against despicable nomads armed with weapons from before the atomic holocaust.

The Ideal Exile

To the Pelbar, the sentence seemed a living death--exile to distant Northwall for a year, isolated from the security and order of Pelbarigan society, facing the barbarian tribes of the Shumai and Sentani.

But the rebellious Jestak embraced his punishment—for only with the lore of Northwall and the battle-craft and bravery of the wild tribes could he accomplish what he sought. The woman he loved was a captive in Emerta, fabled city of the slaveholding Emeri. Jestak meant to free her—and, if he had to, destroy utterly the power of the Emeri.


The Hunters and the Hunted

The scout led the Emeri horsemen into the gorge and pointed out where the fleeing slaves and the raiders who had rescued them had rested. "We will catch up with them today."

The Emeri officer had little liking for his task—to hunt down a bunch of pitiable scarecrows led by wild Shumai—unworthy targets for Emeri arrows, good for nothing but easy slaughter.

As the gorge narrowed, a long, quavering shout came from ahead. The scout stopped, holding up his hand. Then there was a strange, distant rushing sound, growing into a rumble.

"Weapons ready!" the officer called—then turned and saw a tower of rushing water rounding the turn of the gorge ahead.

A man screamed and ran for the steep bank. He did not reach it.


This sweeping tale of the far future is a rich depiction of a colorful world—and an engrossing account of one man's role in changing the destiny of that world.




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