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The Ends of the Circle

Written By:Paul O. Williams - 1981

  • The Ends of the Circle  - Paul O. Williams cover


To avoid treachery he sought adventure; to live down disgrace she tracked him—a thousand years after the nuclear fire.

Across a Shattered Land

Some among the Pelbar meant to kill Stel, so the master-craftsman was forced to abandon his love, his family, and the security of Pelbarigan in order to survive.

Because his curiosity about the world outside Pelbarigan's walls had been aroused by the tales of earlier travelers. Stel set out in search of the fabled Shining Sea—but between him and his goal lay the poisonous cities of the ancients, barbarians who practiced ritual murder, the treacherous Childer of Ozar, a mad exile—and a host of other deadly perils.

Stel's beautiful and devoted wife followed, determined to return with the man she loved.


Escape form the Mad Tribe

Stel ran, walked, and felt his way through the night, faintly hearing a chant over and over. How the Roti followed him, he couldn't tell. Finally, coming to a stream, Stel plunged in, allowing the current to spin him downstream. Much later, Stel pulled himself to the bank and, astonished, watched as the Roti, mindlessly staring straight ahead, paddled a long log past him.

But in the ensuing days, through Stel eluded the killers repeatedly, they reappeared, always preceded by their narcotic chant. Stel found himself picking up the rhythm, traveling, as they did, in time with it. He shook the chant out of his mind—but it returned and so did the trackers.

Stel had to escape. For in this far-future world, the Roti wanted to kill him—just because he had gray eyes.


A dazzling vision of two quests, two journeys through a strange and danger-filled world.




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