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The Sword of Forbearance

Written By:Paul O. Williams - 1985

  • The Sword of Forbearance  - Paul O. Williams cover


By tale's end they would have peace—Or, once again, the Thousand-year Night...

The War For Peace

To the rulers of Innanigan, spring brought not thoughts of love but of western victories and rich lands seized from the peaceful Heart River Federation.

And so they went to war.

Yet this one was different, for Innanigan was the last renegade state in North America. If a just peace could be negotiated, the continent would be united again for the first time in a thousand years.

But if the conflict continued, civilization might be lost forever!


The Evil Men Do...

"It's coming," a soldier called as the timer rolled away from the warhead.

"No time to wait," Jestak shouted. "Just lift it out of here before it explodes to trigger the other device. We'll throw it over the side and pull this boat away."

They tugged at the heavy device, swaying and grunting, straining to hold it as men above looped ropes around it to help. Finally it grated and rolled up onto the deck, but caught on a cleat and hung there.

"I'll get a pry," Stel shouted, running forward ahead of the wheelhouse. A horrifying silence followed... the timer had ceased.

With a roar and a flash, the device blew up...




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